COVID-19 UPDATE: November 1, 2021. BAROCO REACHES 100% VACCINATION OF ALL STAFF AND CONSULTANTS. Additionally 98% of the people receiving our in-program services have been vaccinated. Finally, all new hires must agree to vaccination and must have received at least their first shot prior to starting. We continue to go over and above the recommended safety precautions regarding Covid-19.

Baroco Corporation

Welcome to the Baroco Corporation

Founded in 1983, Baroco (pronounced Bear-ra-koe)  has dedicated itself to providing innovative opportunities to help people with disabilities participate in and contribute to their communities.   Inherent in this dedication is the recognition that the people we serve have the right to make choices and decisions as well as the right to be treated, at all times, in a dignified manner.

Baroco Celebrates More Than Thirty Years of Service

A message from the President

Where has the time gone? When we began Baroco in 1983 we had no idea of the impact our company would have on so many people. For more than 30 years Baroco has been providing services to people with Developmental Disabilities in communities throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut. During that time we have grown from a small program serving 30 people to a large company providing services to more than 420 people each day with a staff of more than 200 people. Most important our growth has not sacrificed the high level of quality that people in the field have come to expect from programs bearing the Baroco name.

We realize that the past is the past and Baroco must always strive to enhance our services and improve the lives of the people we serve. We know that we cannot sit on our past laurels but rather we must focus on our future and look to new and innovative ways in which we can make our services stronger. Our challenge is clear, the next 30 years must be even better, because the people we serve deserve the best that we can possibly provide.

Rick Barnard, President