COVID-19 UPDATE: Baroco to remain closed until at least May 4th. Please check our website for updates. Stay safe and follow your State & Local Guidelines

Baroco Corporation

COVID-19 INFO: Updated 04/02/2020


FROM: Rick Barnard, President


  Dear Friends,
      I hope you are doing well and staying healthy. While we had hoped that our closing would be
short lived it now appears that it may go on for sometime.  Before considering  reopening, we
need to be sure it will be safe for both our consumers and staff.  Additionally we are
subject to any State requirement that we remain shutdown.  At this point I do not anticipate
reopening prior to May 4 at the earliest.
      Please stay safe and carefully follow the guidelines set by your State and Local Officials.  We
will get through this and life will eventually get back to normal.  Please check back here for further
Rick Barnard
President Baroco  





Rick Barnard, President


 Dear Families, Guardians, Care Providers, Members and other Stakeholders:

 Baroco has had to make the difficult decision considering the global pandemic to close all Day Programs in Massachusetts and Connecticut through April 3, 2020. At this point we are planning to open all the sites on Monday April 6, 2020. Please check our website at for any updates between now and April 6, 2020.

 I hope all of you remain healthy during this unprecedented time in our history and take appropriate measures to lessen your exposure.

 Best Regards, 

Kris Northup

Clinical Coordinator Supervisor