Baroco Corporation

Admission & Intake Procedures

We welcome, and encourage, people to to set up a visit to the program to determine if the program has the ability to meet their service needs.   Final acceptance to the program typically requires DDS approval.  The referral process contains four essential parts which can typically be fully completed within two weeks:

  1. The person, their family, and/or other significant people in their lives, tour the Program to determine if the program will  be in line with the person's desires and needs.
  2. After the tour an intake meeting is held to allow an opportunity to ask any questions people may have with the program and/or the services provided.  Additionally, we use this meeting to gather information that is necessary to help us ensure that we can meet the needs of  the person being referred.
  3. The next step in the referral process is to schedule a 2 day visit.  The purpose of the 2 day visit is to ensure that the person will like coming to the program as well as assess the program's ability to effectively serve the person being referred.  Baroco may, at times, require further visits.&
  4. The person being referred is notified within 2 business days as to whether or not they are accepted to the program.  If the person is accepted a Transition Plan is developed   and the person's start date is agreed  upon.

Referral Contacts

Agawam Colleen Phillips 860-884-5610
Wayside Ave WSpfld Marcy Colby 413-297-3760
Springfield Kristen Kimbar 413-552-7394
Hadley Kristen Kimbar 413-552-7394
Pittsfield Karen Wright 413-552-7399
Torrington Katie Adams 860-307-4716
Ledyard Colleen Phillips 860-884-5610
South Windham Colleen Phillips 860-884-5610