Baroco Corporation



Closed 03/14 due to snow?

Agawam  Closed 03/14 due to snow    
Hadley  Closed 03/14 due to snow    
Pittsfield  Closed 03/14 due to snow    
Wayside Ave  Closed 03/14 due to snow    
Springfield  Closed 03/14 due to snow    
Torrington  Closed 03/14 due to snow    
S. Windham      

Baroco programs do not close unless, in the rare case, a State of Emergency is declared in the town where the Baroco program is located. However, in inclement weather transportation may be cancelled (of course you are welcome to self-transport).   Additionally we may close early if weather conditions deteriorate.
--In Massachusetts transportation company cancellations can be found at  ""  
--In Connecticut Baroco will not transport if schools are closed in your town or in the town where the Baroco progam is located.