Baroco Corporation

About Baroco

Baroco's Mission Statement

Founded in 1983, Baroco (pronounced Bear-ra-koe)  has dedicated itself to providing innovative opportunities to help people with disabilities participate in and contribute to their communities.   Inherent in this dedication is the recognition that the people we serve have the right to make choices and decisions as well as the right to be treated, at all times, in a dignified manner. 

Baroco recognizes its responsibility to enhance public awareness and to promote the presence,  participation and integration of the people we serve into their communities. We understand the need to ensure that our services respect the unique cultural and ethnic diversity present throughout our society.  Baroco also recognizes, and embraces, the importance of family participation in the lives of the people we serve.    Finally,  we understand our ongoing responsibility to monitor and evaluate our services to ensure that our evolution meets the needs of consumers.

Baroco's Code of Ethics

  • We will always treat Consumers, Families, and our Funding Sources honestly and with respect.
  • We will readily report all incidents even if they may reflect poorly on us.
  • We will insure that staff have the resources necessary to provide high quality services.
  • We will compensate staff with competitive salaries and benefits.
  • We will insure that our sites are maintained and well furnished out of respect for consumers.
  • We will insure that staff present professionally out of respect for consumers and our profession.
  • We will always insure that each program is independently fiscally viable.
  • We will continually work to improve our services, even if we are  perceived as the best.
  • We will encourage care providers and parents to not give staff gifts, but if they do they must be valued at under $20.00 or they will be returned with a note explaining why. 
  • We will not allow any personal fund raising by any supervisor at the programs. This includes school fund raising, jewelry, magazines, girl scout cookies, etc. 
  • We will comply with our conflicts of interest policy. 
  • We will not accept money from families, care providers, or consumers.

Baroco's Conflict of Interest Policy

Baroco employees must maintain strict adherence to ethical standards as defined by our Code of Ethics and Guiding Principles. Baroco works hard to insure all of our employees in all of our sites maintain professional conduct at all times. Because we are in the business of providing Day Services for people who have intellectual and physical disabilities, we avoid at all costs the potential for improprieties by conforming to all federal and state laws and regulations set forth by The Office of Medicaid (our funding source) and The Department of Developmental Services (our referral source), as they relate to Day Habilitation Services. All of this, we believe, will help to avoid any potential conflicts of interest. Along with our Code of Ethics, we will also comply with the following situations; we will not knowingly hire a family member of one of our clients in the site in which the client attends, all financial arrangements must meet state regulatory and reporting requirements, we will not accept gratuities or favors from clients and/or family members, and we do not accept financial donations to the programs.  Baroco will promptly investigate and report any improprieties to the proper governing authorities, if applicable.

Baroco's Participant's Rights

Participants have the following legal rights: Confidentiality of information, privacy, freedom from abuse whether it be verbal or physical, financial, commercial or other types of exploitation, retaliation, humiliation, neglect, access to information pertinent to the person served in sufficient time to facilitate decision making (such as Baroco’s pre-DHSP meeting), informed consent regarding; service delivery, release of information, concurrent services, composition of your service delivery team, involvement in research projects (although Baroco has a policy stating we do not participate in research projects), the right to access or referral to legal entities for appropriate representation (although this is not Baroco’s purview we will inform your family, guardian, or DDS service coordinator if we think you need this and/or you want this), access to self-help and advocacy support services (again this is not something Baroco provides but again we will facilitate a call to your DDS service coordinator should we think you need or you want this type of service). Baroco will insure to the extent possible investigation and resolution of alleged infringement of rights by placing a call to the Disabled Persons Protection Commission (DPPC) and following through on any and all recommendations. We will insure your protection involving any other legal rights such as; freedom from discrimination, religious freedom, right to vote unless under guardianship, right to telephone, mail, and visitation, right to reasonable access to water and bathroom, right to basic goods and services, right to be treated with respect and dignity at all times and without humiliation and the right to control the provisions of your medical care. You and/or your legal guardian have unlimited access to your records.